Smart Roadster

The smart roadster is quite a fun car to drive. A rigid chassis with great suspension setup, low curb weight and diminutive size. The only downside is the automated transmission, really. So, what would it be like to add a proper transmission, bigger wheels, tires and brakes plus a subtle bodykit? Look at the pictures and decide for yourself…

VirtualModels Smart Roadster Racing | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2009)

Smart Roadster | reference picture


  • Stuart Mather


    this is an awesome interpretation – subtle but fantastic!
    You’re right about the limitations of the car – but they can all be dealt with…
    What we need now is your interpretation of the front, rear, and quarter views in order to realise this little beauty!!!

  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello Stuart, thanks! I appreciate your comment.

    Kind regards

  • MäxX

    I also own one (since 2005) and totally agree with your downsides, but nevertheless a great car which provides real fun, especially at possible speeds at sharp corners.
    I`d also go for a stronger engine, on the highways 200 km/h is OK, but when going to the racetrack you wish for a little bit of extra power.

    Another render with a modified hood would also be awesome.

    Great job on this render here, I love it!

  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello MäxX,

    thanks for the kind words. This was just a fun quickie, but it is tempting to actually do that in real life, utilizing a motorcycle engine.

    Kind regards

  • vincent

    Hello Sebastian,

    did you by any chance do more on this topic? What would it take to get a 3d file of your brainwave? I think it would make a killer bodykit.


  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello Vincent,

    sorry to disappoint you – but this wasn’t a serious project. Although – the idea of making a bodykit sound awesome.

    Best regards

  • imre

    Any idea where I can order the body kit for this car?

    • As this is only a photoshop picture, there is not body kit that you can buy from me unfortunately. But Brabus and others made bodykits back in the day when these cars were new.

      Best regards

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