About VirtualModels

My name is Sebastian Motsch. I was born in Germany in 1978 and ever since being able to hold a pen as a young kid, I’ve been drawing cars and all other kinds of vehicles. To this day I still draw on paper once in a while, but my main focus has shifted to creating images with Adobe Photoshop, so called photoshop chops.

Back in 1996, my dad gave me an Adobe Photoshop CD for Windows 95. I immediately succeeded by creating a stunning vehicle image did my first steps, got frustrated rather quickly and went back to building 1/24 scale plastic models. Two years passsed, before I tried to get into photoshop again after I received picture CDs from GM with the official press announcements at the IAA. It was a long and arduous jorney with many misses, but I never gave up and kept trying – old school learning by doing. Eventually I advanced to a level of knowledge that enabled me to create half-decent images.

After having access to the internet in the late 90’s, I found fellow people with the same hobbies and both my plastic scale modeling and photoshop skills improved considerably. From then on, it was basically practice makes perfect you a better photoshop artist.

Why VirtualModels?

As mentioned earlier, I started with building and modifiying plastic scale models. Eventually I began posting photoshop chops in the scale modeling section of AutomotiveForums and one of the friends there coined the term virtual models to differentiate them from the plastic models. The name stuck and was subsequently registered as the domain name for this blog.


I am an artist who does whatever the mind and imagination come up with. A frequently asked question is whether or not I create pieces for customers and fans.

Yes, I do – but not for free.

Proper photoshop work is very time consuming. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas. All ideas will be considered, you will get feedback and we will discuss the terms and conditions.