740 GLE Turbo

When the first pictures of the IMSA modified Lamborghini Gallardo appeared on the web, I thought that those wheels might look great on any edgy car from the 80’s. The Volvo 740 (aka “The Brick”) has been lowered and a custom bodykit was added.

Volvo 740 GLE Turbo

Volvo 740 GLE Turbo | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2008)

Volvo 740 GLE Turbo

Volvo 740 GLE Turbo | reference picture


  • nazeem

    i like this 740 modification and still look smart sport

  • Boris

    What was done to that car, lowering, airdams and larger wheels?
    What size wheels did you use and how low did you drop it?
    Could you photo shop it with a 2 inch chop?
    Great looking car.

    • admin

      Hello Boris,

      you nailed it. The wheels should be approx. 18″ in real life. Dunno if this would actually fit with the stock fenders.

      With 2″ drop, do you mean even lower?

      Kind regards,

  • bob

    Hope you can chop for volvo 240glt 4 door with nice body kit

  • Jack

    I have the same car and I wanted to do similar things to it. I was wondering how much it would cost for everything – Canada

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Jack,

      there are not many parts available off the shelf for these cars. Check the Scandinavian car scene and Volvo tuning coverage at to get an inspiration for sourcing parts.


  • David Green

    Looking for 740 Sedan, good condition.
    David Green 770-866-6887

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