VN Custom

The Volvo VN series heavy duty trucks are slick machines, but I never really liked the front bumper. Somehow it just doesn’t go well with the overall appearance of the truck. In order to change that, I modified a picture of a sparkling blue VN with a polished trailer found in the internet. The usual lowering was a must on the semi truck and I also lowered the trailer to go with it. Larger wheels look the part and the more voluminous bumper enhances the appearance. The side skirts are smoothed and entering the truck without scratching the paint sure is a challenge now 😉 A set of graphics and black chrome trim add the final touch.

>> Click here to see the Volvo VN 770 Custom I photoshopped.

VirtualModels Volvo VN Custom Big Rig

Volvo VN Custom | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Volvo VN reference picture

Volvo VN | reference picture


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  • Eric

    You guys did a good job on that truck. I have a 770 model, wish you make mine look half as good as this.

    • admin

      Thank you, Eric.

  • Jay Osman

    That is awesome. We use Volvo tractors for our NASCAR transport. I would love to see one of those altered.

    • admin

      Thank you Jay 🙂

      I’ll send you an email…


  • John F

    Hi… I own a 2002 Volvo VNL 610 without the side fairings, it’s the older model of the blue one you’ve done. I would love to see a nice slight upgrade and VM’s version of a VNL 610 with cool conversion headlights like the blue Volvo you did. Pretty cool, seems like no one is interested in Volvos, every one wants and has a long nose brick. I love my Volvo and it’s hard to find dress up kits for these Volvos so some ideas would GREATLY be appreciated thanks ….

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thanks John,

      that is exactly why I created this Volvo 🙂

      I might do a VNL610 in the future if/when I feel like and actually get around to do it.

      If it is urgent for you or you want to comission a picture, please be so kind to drop me an email and we can discuss the details.

      Have a great day!

  • Jesse

    That custom work is awesome! Great job on reworking the front bumper, now that’s PROPER looking. I have an 06′ 670 and I wish they had made the headlights like the ones you’ve designed, just awesome… Nice fade out paintwork from the air intake too, smooth transition. I too never liked the lower bunk windows on 780’s, nice touch there also! As far as losing the lower step on the skirt goes, it’s not THAT far of a stretch… HA!
    Thanks for the work, I enjoyed looking it over very much! Just a great job overall…

  • Jesse

    By the way, I loved it so much… it’s my new screensaver! Thanks again. 🙂

  • Sebastian Motsch

    Thank you Jesse! I would have never thought that this picture would create so much feedback via email and comments. Thanks, this keeps me motivated 🙂


  • Ryan Kezron

    This is so sick! I am going to start fiberglass work on my bumper soon…

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hi Ryan, send me a picture when you’re finished with it and I post it here as inspiration for others.


  • Mrcaparker

    Hey man, this is one SWEET looking Volvo! I would love to see more rigs from other manufacturers up here! I love some long nose conventional trucks, but I also have a huge sweet spot for the new slick rigs (Volvo VNL, Peterbilt 579 and 587, Kenworth T700 and T680, and Mack Vision). It would be cool to see more rigs and trailers!!

  • greg

    I have a Volvo 670 and was looking for a way to custom it to compete with all the Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks out there. Was hoping if you could do something in white?

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Greg,

      just do it 😉
      Currently I don’t have plans to chop a white Volvo truck. But maybe in the future some day….


  • Kevin

    I think that you are on to something that the Volvo Semi Division should reall take notice in.
    This model is stunning with fewer original detours. It has a nice featured front valence and overall stance.
    If I had to do a few things I would: get rid of the diagnal bar on the grill. Use/replace the Volvo emblem in the bottom lefthand corner of the grill. Keep the grill black as is lending more attitude to the stance. AGAIN: lower the headlamp lenses to half that size making the bottom half fade from the same blue into clear LED’s.
    Un-tint all windows which will keep it clean and technically bad!
    Paint the tank belt that are under the trailer.
    That should do it!
    My best,

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Kevin,

      thank you very much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated and I’ll keep it in mind for the next project.

      Best regards

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  • Did you upgrade the wheels to 24.5 with low profile tires and Lower the whole truck with a new bumper and lights, I have a 2011 780 and I would like to make it look like that truck. Email me back at.
    Good job on that truck looks bad ass

  • […] modifying a Volvo VN series about two years ago and receiving many positive comments, I felt the urge to do it again. This time around it’s […]

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