Hiace H200 / Quantum

The fifth generation Toyota Hiace is quite a boxy looking vehicle. Foiling cars in real life is quite common these days, so I did just that. Looks interesting, doesn’t it? It was then dropped over a set of deep dish steel wheels and a couple of chromed exhaust tips have been added.

PS: In South Africa, this vehicle is called Toyota Quantum.

Toyota Hiace H200

Toyota Hiace H200 | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2010)

Toyota Hiace H200

Toyota Hiace H200 | reference picture


  • Ricu

    Mij vraag is,wil ik weten hoeveel koste de toyota-hiace bouwjaar 2013 tot met 2014 de prijs.
    Hartelijke dank u, voor medewerking,


  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello Ricu,

    this vehicle is not for sale. It is just a photoshop chop, meaning a modified picture of a real car. Sorry.

    Kind regards

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