Kangoo Sport

A TV commercial starring a rhino and a Renault Kangoo told you that the vehicle wins hearts, not beauty contests. It certainly never won a beauty contest and most definitely not my heart. This vehicle does exist, but I was just never interested in the concept. But nevertheless… even one of the ugliest vehicles may be turned into something a bit more desirable. Well, provided you have enough money and are willing to throw it at such a project. It could be fun, couldn’t it? Imagine opening the side doors and finding a twin-turbo mounted midships. Massive wheels and brakes, a proper suspension setup and low center of gravity. Obviously, the body has received a few minor tweaks as well…

Renault Kangoo Sport

Renault Kangoo Sport | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)

It should be quick enough to outrun the rhino now 😉

Renault Kangoo reference picture

Renault Kangoo | reference picture

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