Mk1 Offroad Delivery Vehicle

Let’s imagine you own a company operating in the express delivery business. If somebody orders e.g. car parts, your company usually delivers the parts with a van or truck. But what if you need to deliver something in a more remote area, which standard delivery vehicles can’t access? Well, here is my solution this side of a parts drop from a helicopter: the we-deliver-your-order-anywhere-without-hassles Range Rover off-road delivery vehicle. This Mk1 has been modified to carry boxes and parcels in the back. The cargo bay is accessible from three sides via roll-up doors. Who wouldn’t like to have that?

… and for your well-earned holidays, just add a roof-top tent and put your supplies into the cargo bay 🙂

VirtualModels RangeRover Mk1 Parts Express

Range Rover Mk1 Parts Express | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2011)

Range Rover Mk1 reference picture

Range Rover Mk1 | reference picture

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