Maybach Exelero

One of my oldest photoshop chops is the Maybach Exelero. Not much done here, just a few minor tweaks. The factory paintjob has been upgraded to a two-tone paintjob, Aston Martin wheels have been added and the winglets have been removed.

Maybach Exelero | photoshop chopby Sebastian Motsch (2006)


  • BigBenSlay

    The Maybach Exelero is a luxury car at its finest, period. This takes luxury to the highest point. By far, the most beautiful vehicle that I have ever layed eyes on. The vision of the photoshop version is definitely the example of what luxury, not should, but must be! The artist has a great eye on cleaning the coupe and making his version far superior. By adding a two tone color just brought the Maybach ahead and beyond a super star / tuxedo affair / red carpet wet dream (and lets not forget the paparazzi)! The redesign of the rear and the delete of the “eye sore” gas tank filler was well needed. Though the wheels were a far better choice than the factory, they are highly satisfactory, but would also like to see other negative offset concave design options.

    I rate this photoshop version a 10 out of 10.
    Outstanding job! To whomever did the art work on this project, I thank you for sharing your vision.


    • admin

      Hello Ben,

      thank you for your kind words! I appreciate it very much.

      All the artwork on this homepage has been created by myself, if not marked otherwise.

      Kind regards

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