Kabinenroller KR200 KaRoJet

The Messerschmidt Kabinenroller (or bubble car) is well known amongst small car enthusiasts. Cute as it is – I wouldn’t want to drive one of those on public roads. As the shape of the vehicle reminded me of more aquatic vehicles (and animals), I decided to take it down that direction. So, with just a few pixels moved around, we now have a nice little runabout I call KaRoJet. This could be fun and definitely has way more style than any other jet ski. The KaRoJet is based on a KR200 Kabinenroller and a regular jet ski. Somebody just needs to cough up some cash to build a real one!

Note that I already put on the green starboard pilot light. It’s ready to hit the lake. Now… would Willy Messerschmidt approve this or scream sacrilege?

VirtualModels Messerschmidt Kabinenroller Jetski KaRoJet

Messerschmidt Kabinenroller Jetski KaRoJet | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Messerschmidt Kabinenroller reference picture

Messerschmidt Kabinenroller | reference picture

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