Prelude BA2

In my opinion, Hondas of the 80’s have had a very sleek and clean design – there being no need to change anything on the body or trim. The BA2 Prelude was the first Honda I owned. This one has been lowered over period correct 15 inch mesh wheels and the windows have been tinted.

Honda Prelude BA2

Honda Prelude BA2 | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2008)

Honda Prelude BA2

Honda Prelude BA2 | reference picture

A VirtualModels reader requested that I make a picture of the same car with Rota RB wheels. Well, here you go.
Mind you, this is just a quick & dirty chop without any brake detail or matched shading!

Honda Prelude BA2 with black Rota RB wheels (quick chop)

Reader’s request: BA2 with Rota RB wheels | quick & dirty photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)


  • G. Kasten

    Awesome blog and pictures, it’s just great! It’s so informative and useful, thanks a lot!

  • stifler

    Amazing! I’m driving an identical 86 prelude, except for the rims… I was wondering if you can do another one like this but with black rota rb rims of the same size, because I’m planning to buy these rims for next summer and I would like to see how it will look… and you have one of the best pictures I have ever seen… thanks!

    • admin


      Kind regards,

  • AMAZING !!!

    Thanks for Keeping the 2G Spirit ALIVE

  • admin

    Thank you! Glad you like it.

  • Tyler

    Do you know the size for those rims?

  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello Tyler, the size is 15″

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