CRX Gulf Special

Though being a fan of the later ED9 model, I always liked the early Honda CRX. It’s a sporty little runabout that makes you grin at every roundabout. The CRX has lots of potential and I went ahead and tried to make the best of it. The body itself is nearly perfect with clear lines and, compared to the vehicles we see today, no unnecessary bling. Just straight lines in the best late 80’s fashion.

The car has been lowered over a set of period correct Ronal Turbo 15″ wheels and has been painted in Gulf colors. I did however retain the two-tone theme of the original…

VirtualModels Honda CRX Gulf Special

Honda CRX Gulf Special Edition | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Honda CRX

Honda CRX (AS) | reference picture


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  • Anthony

    Wow these are nice man! I own a ’87 CRX Si and the detail is so good on these props man…

    • admin

      Thank you Anthony!

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