Mustang BAJA Concept

For quite a long time I’ve been fiddling with the idea of creating a BAJA-spec truck. Not a regular truck, though. I wanted to start with a regular road car. Eventually I decided to start with a 2005 Ford Mustang convertible as a base. A BAJA-style Nissan Frontier donated the running gear and the rear part of the tube frame including the spare wheel carrier. The body of the Mustang has been modified extensively in order to fit the tube frame, suspension and massive tires. Looks quite mean now, doesn’t it?

VirtualModels Ford Mustang BAJA Truck

Ford Mustang BAJA Concept | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Ford Mustang Convertible reference picture

Ford Mustang Mk5 Convertible | reference picture


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  • Wayne Partain

    This is the most amazing car I’ve ever seen.

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thank you very much, Wayne!

  • Bruce Foreman

    If you’re into racing games at all check out The CREW by Ubisoft. The level of customization in that game is somewhere in the ball park of what has been done here. I love this Baja Mustang very much, it looks very clean.

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thank you Bruce, I appreciate it!

  • Trey

    This looks awesome! I looked up baja mustangs as I am building a prerunner dune buggy. There is a Camaro and Chevelle baja 1000 style race cars, which both look good but no mustangs. And here I find yours. Do you have any pics from the front and rear? I am interested in fiberglass body panels or aluminum, do you know where I can find them?

  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello Trey,

    thank you for the kind words. This isn’t actually a real vehicle, but a photoshop modified picture. Sorry, but I didn’t create front and rear pics. As for body parts, you may use either original parts and modify them or copy them in fiberglass and modify those.

    Kind regards

  • John

    I’ve been thinking about building a fox-body Mustang as a “dual sport” car. Seeing this rendering has me thinking of switching to a later body style. I don’t want to build it as tall. And I wouldn’t eliminate the trunk. But this rendering is an absolutely stunning bit of work.

  • Mohammad al SALHI

    Hello there is this mustang available for sale please?

  • Sebastian Motsch

    Hello Mohammad,

    this is just a photoshop chop, not a real vehicle. But if you’re interested in purchasing a poster of the Mustang, please send me an Email.

    Best regards

  • John

    How much to build? I have a 2008 gt you can do that to. Awesome!

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thank you John, I appreciate it.

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