412i 2+2 Shooting Break Concept

Frequent readers of my blog know that I do have a sweet spot for two-door wagons. Whether they are called shooting break or shooting brake is an entirely different story. I decided to call them shooting break, because some (European) manufacturers call their regular station wagons Break.

The Ferrari 412i 2+2 is a very nice base for a shooting break conversion. Straight lines would make it easy to perform this task in real life. Though I doubt that anybody would actually so that. Most people would probably just run away and scream bloody murder!

VirtualModels Ferrari 412i 2+2 Shooting Break Concept

Ferrari 412i 2+2 Shooting Break Concept | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Ferrari 412i 2+2 reference picture

Ferrari 412i 2+2 | reference picture


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  • George Hair

    I am also a big fan of two door wagons and also wagons in general(I presently own 6). Love this Ferrari!!!

    • admin

      Thank you George! Enjoy them…

  • Very nice; too bad Ferrari never built one.
    BTW, it should be “shooting brake” instead of “shooting break”.

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