SM Coupé Musculeux

What if? Citroën could have built this more muscular version of the SM coupé. With a Maserati engine already aboard, even rear wheel drive could have been an option -but they never even considered it. Therefore you just look at this picture and add everything else with your imagination…

Citroen SM

Citroen SM | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2011)

Citroen SM

Citroen SM | reference picture


  • cmaglaughlin

    Wow…I never thought the “original” could be outdone! If cars could be rated for looks as women, I’d give this Musculeux the full monty…a 10 hands down! I’ve had an affair with the SM ever since I saw and drove one. Now I guess I have to hang the old one out to dry. Though, I’d gladly take one to my boudoir if someone was in a charitable mood. Congrats on making my day. The new baby is on my desktop!

  • Stu


    • admin

      Yeah… that’s exactly why I created it 😉

  • Thierry


    superbe réalisation, Citroen devrait la faire.
    Je trouve que cette modification apporte toute la dynamique que cette voiture mérite avec le fameux moteur Maserati.
    Elle me rappelle les grosses cylindrées américaines , Pontiac et autres Ford muscle car.
    Encore BRAVO, je veux la même.

    • admin

      Merci bien, Thierry!

  • Jyt

    Même si l’exercice de style est intéressant et plutôt bien réussi, je trouve que cela n’arrange en rien la ligne de la SM.
    Les citroën sont des voitures qui ne gagnent rien à être customisés. Un peu comme si on voulait améliorer l’esthétique d’un Apple. Je dirais qu’il y a une american touch, mais à choisir entre les deux je préfère l’originale.

  • Barron

    This is awesome. I think I need to do this project.

  • Leonardo

    I tried making a version of this and I think it takes a couple more elements from the original car (the wheel covers and the hatchback and it looks nice too.

  • william

    WOW !!!
    Absolutely stunning car. It’s outperforming the original…. never thought that would be possible.
    Very beautiful to look at. Also very pity that car factories stay on the modest side with their volume cars.
    For the same amount of money they could make something like this. Compliments!

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thank you William!

  • Kumar

    Fantastic !
    I would love to see more pictures. I have some SMs and would like to convert one.
    Can it be done? Well done on a beautiful design made better.
    Kumar from Singapore

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Kumar,

      thank you for the nice words. I appreciate it.

      Of course it can be done – provided the skills and/or the will and money to do it.

      Best regards

  • Ajarn Pete

    Now that’s how the SM should have been at the time it was introduced & it would have been a much MUCH bigger hit, (in my opinion) and still looked splendid today. Seeing Citroen did the classic DS which looks timeless, the SM could have been too !! Sad it never happened. (I’m a big ID/DS fan from OZ)

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Pete,

      thank you for your comment – much appreciated. 🙂

      Best regards from Germany


    One of the best looking cars I have ever seen. Why don’t automobile manufactures ask the public what we like and will buy? Engineers and design people are some of the worst as far as what they believe looks great and will sell. They are to hung up on technique instead of what the average guy wants. Most one off trade show cars never make it to market or they screw it up so bad because of cost and profit that we get the ugly version. ASK THE PUBLIC WHAT WE LIKE NOT YOUR ACCOUNTANTS. NOT EVERYONE WANTS A 75 THOUSAND DOLLARS 4DR PICKUP OR AN ELECTRIC FUTURISTIC P.O.S .

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Dirk,

      thank you very much for the kind words. You’ve mentioned many of my exact thoughts. It seems like everybody is aiming for the same target group and therefore all SUV look alike and some of them can’t even be identified wen you take the badges off. Boring to look at (or in-your-face hideous), uninspiring to drive and very forgettable.

      How a vehicle is propelled is an entirely different topic. Hybrids and battery electric vehicles have their place, as well as hydrogen powered ones. Gasoline and Diesel will be around for some time to come, so let’s enjoy them while we can.

      Best regards

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  • Fred

    Je trouve votre ligne magnifique.
    Elle devient totalement 2021.

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