HY Custom V8 RWD

Would a V8 engine fit into a Citroën HY van? Probably not in real life, but in my phantasy. It would be fun to drive, though. With rear wheel drive, of course. I kept the corrugated metal looks outside as original as possible. Just had to alter the rear fender a little bit to accommodate the more substantial rubber.

Et bien – une belle voiture comme un moteur grand!

VirtualModels Citroen HY Custom V8

Citroën HY Custom V8 | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2011)

Citroen HY reference picture

Citroën HY | reference picture


  • That’s exactly my dream too… :-)))

  • Nick Arlett

    A V8 in an H is not hard to build, I could put one together.

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hey Nick, please make sure to send pictures of the finished product. 😉

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