Reatta V8 RWD

Some cars have potential, but nobody ever realizes it. The Buick Reatta is one such vehicle. Based on the FWD E platform, the proportions are far from ideal. Therefore I tried to imagine what it could have looked like, if based on a proper platform: the F platform, for example. It would have been possible for GM to use this platform, but for some reason or another they decided they wanted front wheel drive. I bet the Buick Reatta would have sold a lot better if equipped with a V8 engine and rear wheel drive…

Buick Reatta RWD conversion | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

Buick Reatta | reference picture


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    • Owen Sorenson

      What size wheels and tires?
      Beautiful car.

      • Sebastian Motsch

        Hello Owen, thanks! I’d figure 8×17 should suffice. It’s only guesswork, but 18″ might be too big.


  • Charles

    I’m actually in process of building a 383 cui stroker RWD 1989 reatta.

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Great news, Charles. Please make sure to send pictures once you’ve got something to show. I’m very keen to see it.

      Best regards

    • Jordan eckelberger

      How would I go about lowering my reatta?

      • Sebastian Motsch

        Hello Jordan,

        as with any other car, I guess? Might be difficult to find off-the-shelf parts for it, though.


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