E28 M5

The E28 has always been one of my favorite 5-Series BMWs. Especially the M5 with that fabulous M88 engine. This particular E28 M5 has been upgraded with various parts from the E34 M5. Spoilers, side skirts, rear valance parts, wheels… you name it. Does look nice, ey? Please leave a comment if you like it. Thank you.

VirtualModels BMW E28 M5

BMW E28 M5 | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2011)

VirtualModels BMW E28 M5

BMW E28 M5 | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2011)

BMW E28 M5 reference picture

BMW E28 M5 | reference picture

BMW E28 M5 reference picture

BMW E28 M5 | reference picture


  • Ahmad

    hello there

    extremely nice car , gr8 color, wheels, can i know what the color code for it?


  • Ahmad

    Hello Sebastian

    thanks you for the info , again a nice car like that i always look at and try to make mine similar to it , the problem is we have some problem finding all the parts that we need here .when i finish my car ill send you some pics so you can see it and share with me some of your expert with these cars .

    thanks again

  • niko365

    Нравится! Все вроде как в оригинале, но фар в бампере как то много. Особенно нравятся диски Style 37 R18.

  • Pat

    Hey there,

    are those M parallels 18″? Just wondering if you had to do any lip work on the wheel wells.

  • admin

    Thank you, guys. Yes, the wheels are BMW M 18″ Style 37.

  • Michaël

    The car is so perfect I don’t have words for it. Very beautiful.

    Greetings Michaël

  • Thami


    beautiful car! I’m in South Africa and I will to know which color code is yours
    on the chart and where can get those black trim front, side and rear spoiler.

    Best E28 I’ve ever seen, thumbs up!

  • Elias

    Very nice! Please may I know from where did you get this kit?

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Hello Elias,

      this is only a photoshopped picture, not a photo of a real vehicle. The parts used are modified E34 M5 items…


  • Elias

    Nice car! Please may I know from where you get this kit?

  • Conrad Walters

    In my opinion, this model is the hottest looking M5 that BMW has ever made. Very nice representation !!!

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thank you 🙂

  • Geoff Storey

    Simply the best BMW I have ever seen! Have this picture as my screen saver. Tastefully done. Just stunning!!

    • Sebastian Motsch

      Thank you Geoff, much appreciated. 🙂

  • Mandla Dlamini

    If I had money to buy this car. OMG, I love it – its my dream car even though you no longer find these cars in South Africa I love it. I wish my eyes always look at it.

  • Ryan on wheels

    Hey how wide are all of them are they 18×8 all around or do you have the 18×9.5 in the rear so it’s staggered??

    • Arminelo

      I actually put these wheels on my e28 🙂

      8 in front 9.5 in the back. Also I fitted with lowering springs so it looks like in the picture – just my one is in black 🙂

      • Great on you, Arminelo. I’d love to see a picture of your ride. Thanks in advance.

        Best regards

  • Mduduzi

    I think this is the best BMW ever built!!!

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