A more muscular BMW 507 Roadster

Few people would think this legendary BMW designed by Albrecht Graf von Goertz needs more muscle or any other modification. And with the car being a high-priced classic it is probably wise not to tinker with it. However, sometimes you want to let your phantasy run wild, don’t you? Imagine if somebody with sufficient funds would get hold of a 507 roadster

I always thought this particular vehicle is very elegant and beautifully shaped – but the stance was never to my liking. The nose high up in the air just doesn’t cut it for me. Now, I could have lowered the car and be done with it. But no, I added a few subtle modifications like the period-correct wheels a chopped windshield and a larger exhaust. Who know what might be hiding under the hood? A supercharger would be nice you think? Let your imagination go crazy!

VirtualModels BMW 507 muscle car

BMW 507 | reference picture

BMW 507 | reference picture


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  • A. Ewald

    Abgefahren, Mann, die Karre kommt besser rüber als ´ne Cobra!
    Und überhaupt, erste Sahne, wasse da treibscht.
    A. Ewald

    P.S. Kann auch Hochdeutsch, falls es dir besser gefallen würde. Schreib mal was, habe da ein paar Skizzen in Paint. Net mit dem Grafiktablett, müssten aufpoliert werden, habe den Dreh mit dem Photorealismus noch nicht so ganz raus… Ein fliegendes Auto als Octokopter, usw…

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