Santana Series IIa Hot Rod Bomberos Linares

Creating a photoshop chop is easy, provided you have the tools, dedication and patience to do it properly. Creating a picture that stops people in their tracks because “it looks so real” is an entirely different story – and exactly what I aim for with my chops. Thinking about the possibility of building the project in reality is very important. Sometimes this is extremely complicated and prohibitively expensive – and sometimes it should be the proverbial piece of cake. This time around it’s the latter, because of the Land Rovers’ simple architecture, based on a ladder frame, and the straight panels. Y aquí – el Hot Rod des Bomberos de Linares. Why Linares? That’s easy to answer: because the Santana Series IIa in the picture I found is red and it has been built there. Or to use the phrase a friend coined many years ago: you can hot rod everything!

Land Rover Santana Series IIa Hot Rod Bomberos Linares | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

Land Rover Santana Series IIa | reference picture

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