Gunnar Racing Glove Box Frogs

Glove Box Frogs

A new species of frogs has been discovered in Florida recently: the Glove Box Frogs

The guys over at Gunnar Racing in West Palm Beach, Florida, put an old Porsche 911 in the back yard a couple of years ago.

Last week, Andy wanted to check whether there was any paperwork left in the glove box.

To his surprise, a frog jumped out when he opened the glove box! Looking closer, he found another six of them chilling in their in-glovebox swimming pool.

Nobody has a clue how they got in there – the glove box has been closed for many years!

So here are some frog facts: Frogs lay their eggs in water or wet places After 21 days the embryo leaves its jelly shell and quickly becomes a tadpole. After five weeks, the tadpole starts to grow hind legs, then forelegs, etc.
Then, eleven weeks after the eggs were laid, the frogs are fully developed! Now the question is… how long have they lived in here as fully developed frogs??? They were different sizes, so do we have more than one generation here?
They might be some kind of tree frogs. If anyone knows, please leava a comment. Thank you.

Andy took a few photos and then set them free! They hopped out of the glove box and went into all the nooks and crannies in the car.

Cute little guys!

Sweet 🙂


The guys at Gunner Racing are going to leave the glove box open – in case the frogs still think this is home.

Many thanks to Kevin from Gunnar Racing, for giving permission to feature this story here at VirtualModels.