Sunny 1500 California Shooting Break (B310)

The Nissan Sunny California is one of those typical Japanese cars from the late 70’s / early 80’s. Wood paneling as a styling cue from the 70’s? Check! A crude mix of chrome and black plastic parts? Check! Rear-view mirrors on the front fenders? Check! I took this yellow Sunny California and transformed it into a two-door Shooting Break. Why? Just because I like ’em better this way. The B310 wagon body has been modified extensively, lowered and fitted with a roof rack. A set of period correct wheels with white wall tires have also been added.

Edit: This photoshop chop was featured at Japanese Nostalgic Car. Thank you, John Roper!

VirtualModels Nissan Sunny California Shooting Break

Nissan Sunny B310 California Shooting Break | photoshop chop © Sebastian Motsch (2011)

Nissan Sunny California reference picture

Nissan Sunny California | reference picture


  • Oddly enough… I have an ’81 210 2dr sedan parts car, and recently found a yellow ’81 210 wagon.
    This photo is making me really want to turn your photoshop vision into reality… 🙂

    • admin

      Hi John,

      you’re welcome to use my idea and run with it! Would like to see that idea turning real.


  • I’ll shoot you an email when the project starts, and some updates as it goes.

  • […] three years ago, John Roper found my interpretation of a Nissan Sunny B310 Shooting Break and featured it on his famous blog Japanese Classic Car. We exchanged a couple of nice emails and I […]

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