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SAAB Sonett III Race Car | Photoshop Chop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

SAAB Sonett III Race Car

Creating the Sonett I Roadster and the Sonett II Club Racer was tremendous fun and I wanted to add a SAAB Sonett III  the collection. Looking at the Sonett III pictures on my hard drive for many months, I struggled to come up with an idea for the conversion. The inspiration finally hit when I found a picture of an old Indy car. Why not convert the Sergio Coggiola and Gunnar A. Sjögren designed four cylinder “sportscar” into a beast with a compact V8? I set to work and came up with the idea of relocating the wheel arches in order to fit some mighty race car rubber under the widened fiberglass body while lowering the overall height. To increase strength, the quarter windows behind the doors have been eliminated and filled in. The rear fenders are re-sculpted and flow into the ducktail spoiler, providing much needed downforce along with the front spoiler. I really like the 1970’s chrome accents on the otherwise more 80’s looking body and kept most of them. The paint scheme is more 70’s orientated: the blue and yellow paint scheme resemble the colors of the Swedish flag and the shape of the yellow stripe mimics the silhouette of a classic glider plane, to add the aeronautics reference typical for SAAB vehicles.

SAAB Sonett III Race Car | Photoshop Chop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

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Alfa Romeo 33 16V Race Car by Martin Sifredi / Sifredi Corse

Sifredi Corse Alfa Romeo 33 16V Race Car

Martin Sifredi is a passionate car enthusiast who is gradually building on his Alfa Romeo car collection. He eventually wanted to build his own Alfa Romeo race car and chose one of his favourite models: the 1991 Alfa 33 Boxer 16V. He deemed this particular model a perfect choice, because they are such great cars to drive in factory trim. He already owns a show winning 1991 33 16V, so it was a natural progression for him to find another 16V to use as a base for his project.

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