Porsche 928 LSR Bonneville Land Speed Record | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

Porsche 928 LSR Shooting Break | Bonneville Land Speed Record

 The Porsche 928 is a grand tourer by definition and was never intended to be used for motorsports. Covering long distances at high speeds is what this vehicle feels most comfortable at.

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Peugeot 504 Coupé Works Racing Style | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

Peugeot 504 Coupé | Works Racing Style

This photoshop chop took way longer to finish than all the other pictures I created this year. It all started with looking at a Peugeot 504 brochure from the 1970’s in January. Having always loved the Pininfarina-penned styling of the coupé and convertible, I wondered why there are no tastefully modified cars out there. These vehicles are not even too expensive to buy, despite having a history of motorsport ventures in rallye and racing. As always, the “what if (I had the money)” question followed immediately and all kinds of crazy modification ideas popped up in my mind. However, modifying this elegant coupé without messing up the lines completely posed a challenge. In the end I went with a retro-inspired theme the Japanese call works style. Imagine an engine with substantially more power, modern suspension and brakes. This necessitates larger wheels and a set of overfenders to cover them. I tried to keep them subtle and close to the original design of the fenders. Finding a period-correct design for the wheels also was a challenge. Campagnolos work well with the larger diameter and the conversion to the rather large Peugeot PCD. A good friend of mine suggested to add a ventilation flap on the roof, similar to the classic Jaguar E-Type race cars, and I happily adopted this brilliant idea. The hash marks on the fenders are Peugeot Talbot Sport colors from the early 1980’s, keeping with the idea that a conversion like this might have been built when this was just an affordable used car.

Fine art prints will be available early in 2018. Make sure to pre-order soon, as this will be a limited edition of only 73 numbered and signed pieces. The prints are without watermarks.

Peugeot 504 Coupé Works Racing Style | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

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BMW 2002 Turbo Panel Wagon Concept | Photoshop Chop by Sebastian Motsch (2016)

BMW 2002 Turbo Panel Wagon

Creating the BMW 2002 Touring was so much fun that I decided to run with the idea and turn it into a panel wagon. I kept the shortened front doors to maximize cargo space in the spacious rear compartment. Having done that I noticed that the half of the vehicle looked rather bland. 2002 Turbo fender flares and BBS E50 center-lock wheels help tremendously to remedy this situation. Gotta haul those BMW Motorsport parts in style!

PS: Wait for the next iteration if you don’t like the period-correct Saharabeige (oo6) of this version. 😉

BMW 2002 Turbo Panel Wagon Concept | Photoshop Chop by Sebastian Motsch (2016)