Japanese Nostalgic Car

Toyota Camry Wagon V20 | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2016)

Toyota Camry Wagon with Supra wheels

This might not be a surprise for regular VirtualModels visitors, but… I just love cars with straight lines. The design of 1980’s cars doesn’t need much tweaking at all to look awesome. A set of adjustable coilovers, a set of period correct wheels and low profile tires usually is enough. These ingredients easily give the vehicles a totally different appearance and character. In this case I used Toyota Supra wheels of the same vintage and a front air dam from the same car, modified to suit the proportions of the Toyota Camry Wagon (V20). I would so love to drive this lowered hauler as a daily!

Toyota Camry Wagon V20 | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2016)

Japanese Nostalgic Car feature Nissan Sunny B310 Shooting Break and Toyota Corolla E82

Japanese Nostalgic Cars features my photoshop chops

About three years ago, John Roper found my interpretation of a Nissan Sunny B310 Shooting Break and featured it on his famous blog Japanese Classic Car. We exchanged a couple of nice emails and I was really proud that my photoshop chop even inspired him to attempt such a conversion on a real car.

What I wasn’t aware of is that the very same John Roper also wrote an article on Japanese Classic Car about my photoshopped E82 Toyota Corolla.  I might have discovered the second article only last week, but hey… it’s never too late to say thank you!

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