Chevrolet Celebrity ad customized | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

Chevrolet Celebrity Ad Customized

Who didn’t love “spot the differences” pictures as a kid?

A friend of mine recently bought a Pontiac Bonneville SSE and one of the line-drawings in the manual left us guessing which car it actually depicted. It definitely wasn’t a Bonneville, that’s for sure. But, as always, our collective car brains eventually figured out what it was: an A-body Chevrolet Celebrity. While searching our brains google I found this old ad for the aforementioned vehicle and send it to my friends. We had a good laugh, mostly because of the mentioning of advanced technology. 🙂

Anyway… being the photoshop artist I am, there was no way I could leave the picture alone. Keeping with my motto that every vehicle has at least some sort of potential to look less boring I went to work. Ten minutes later it was finished: lowered, wheels enlarged and changed from convex to concave surface, sideskirts modified and a front airdam added. Looks less forgetable now, doesn’t it?

Chevrolet Celebrity ad customized | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

Time and again it is basically just a matter of subtle changes like lowering the car and adding a nice(er) set of wheels to make it look better…

Original picture for reference:

Chevrolet Celebrity ad | reference picture