Volvo 480 Turbo Wagon | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2016)

Volvo 480 Turbo Wagon

While recently discussing shooting breaks and the design of the Volvo 480 Turbo with a friend of mine, we agreed that the proportions of the vehicle are rather odd. In my opinion, the proportions are off because the front overhang is way too long. Or is the rear overhang just too short? Whatever the case may be – the latter is a lot easier to fix. I wanted to stick to my motto that it must be possible to create something not only in photoshop but in reality as well. This is what we came up with: the Volvo 480 Turbo Wagon. I purposely kept it looking stock, apart from a set of BBS LM wheels, lowering and a front airdam. Looking at the picture I wonder why Volvo didn’t think of that and built it? They are the wagon company after all, aren’t they?

Now only one question remains: who dares to build this beautiful and elegant two-door wagon?