Caravan GXL Silk Road | Rising Sun Van Conversion

Back in the 1970’s vanning was hot and a lot of people converted ordinary run of the mill vans into plush and colorful expressions of their (often weird) ideas.
Round bubble windows proved to be a popular addition and I wanted to include this period design feature by utilizing the rising sun flag theme. However, this vehicle is based on a more luxurious trim level and therefore I had to remove a couple of windows first.

Keeping the old spirit and adding current customizing flavors is what I had in mind with this one. The overall theme and choice of wheel design are a nod to the seventies, but the details take it right to current trends. The Nissan Caravan was therefore properly stanced to ensure nice fitment of the wheels. All the chrome trim has been blacked out for a more modern look, but all the badges are still proudly displayed. And just in case you’re wondering whether or not I would take this van for a surfing holiday: hell yeah!

Nissan Caravan GXL Silk Road | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2016)