What if? These vehicles could be real…


Volvo 780 T5-R Coupé | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)A T5-R engine? Really? In a classic Volvo 780 Bertone Coupé? You must be kidding!

But hey… why not? The T5-R engine swap might be a little complicated in reality, I agree. Imagination is free and to me it’s fun to think outside the box. I kept the classic, straight lines and just modded a few details to achieve a look that is subtle, yet a tad more aggressive. Wouldn’t hurt to have a couple more ponies under that hood, though…

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Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupé | Snowmobile

Lincoln Indianapolis Concept SkiDoo photoshop by Sebastian MotschWinter is just around the corner – better be prepared in style.

The Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupé concept car inspired me to create a vehicle suitable for the snowy season. The shape of the car didn’t need much tweaking. A healthy top chop, the running gear of a Ski-Doo snowmobile and a few minor tweaks is all it needed to look the part. It could even be quite functional…

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Sifredi Corse Alfa Romeo 33 16V Race Car

Alfa Romeo 33 16V Race Car by Martin Sifredi / Sifredi CorseMartin Sifredi is a man who is passionate about Alfa Romeo. His show winning 33 16V has been featured here in 2011.

He told me about his dream of building a race car on that particular base. Great work, mate! The Sifredi Corse 33 16V race car seems to be built to a very high standard, judging by the pictures.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé AMG (C126)

Mercedes-Benz AMG C126 S-Class Coupe | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)Bruno Sacco created his masterpiece for Mercedes-Benz: the C126 S-Class Coupé. One shouldn’t really mess with such an iconic design. Hence, I only changed very subtle things. The vehicle has been lowered over a set of multi-piece wheels with central locks*. The window trim has been color coded to match the body. The fenders have been widened ever so slightly and the door handles have been shaved. It still has an OE feel to it – but the appearance and attitude changed dramatically.

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Asüna Sunfire

Asüna Sunfire photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)Asüna? What the hell is Asüna, I asked myself upon stumbling across a picture of their Sunfire car. A quick search reveiled, that GM Canada sold (rebadged) Isuzus under the name of Asüna from 1991 to 1995. The Sunfire is actually based on the Geo Storm, which in turn actually was an Isuzu Gemini/Impulse. Confusing?

However, getting rid of the Geos’ pop-up headlights actually improved the overall look of the car. I further enhanced the shape of the car to give it a more substantial and more serious, if not beefy, look. A set of deep concave wheels, a healthy drop of the suspension and hey… it doesn’t look that bad now, does it?

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Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo

Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)Just a few subtle changes added to the Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo. Lowered with a set of coil-overs, mounted set of larger wheels and grafted on fender flares and an extension to the factory body-kit. I then converted the picture to grey-scale, because I didn’t like the colors in the reference picture.

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Nissan Leopard Shooting Break (UF31)

Nissan Leopard Shooting Break photoshop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)Regular visitors know that I do like two-door station wagons, aka Shooting Breaks. The UF31 Nissan Leopard responds nicely to the wagon treatment. A set of shorter springs and some multi-piece BBS wheels do alter the character a little and make the Leopard look sportier. Would be nice to have, wouldn’t it?

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The 150th(!) photoshop online! AMC AMX Stage 1 Widebody

AMC AMX Stage 1 widebody photoshop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)The angle of the car pictured here inspired me to try a new design for fender flares. Worked quite well – but the really wide rear fenders on the short-wheelbase AMC AMX create a somewhat odd shape, though. It just adds to the character of the vehicle, I guess ;-)

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Alfa Romeo 164 Coupé

Alfa Romeo 164 Coupé | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)The Alfa Romeo 164 is a typical car of the late eighties, with straight lines that seem to stretch the body. Unfortunately Alfa Romeo never built a two-door coupé version of this beautiful car. To create the coupé I got rid of the rear doors, moved the B-pillar backwards, chopped the top and reshaped the C-pillar. The lower suspension and a set of larger diameter wheels completely create a more serious attitude.

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Honda N600 P/U

Honda N600 P/U photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2013)A couple of weeks ago I found the picture of a Honda N600 that has been converted to a pick-up truck. The car in the picture is in a very sorry shape, so I decided to create a properly executed photoshop chop of how it could look like in reality. Wouldn’t be that hard to fabricate one, actually. Or as the slogan goes: Honda – The Power of Dreams.

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